Lots to Find in a Fisherman's Beard

A very strange rhyming story about all the peculiar things that you can find if you look hard enough at a fisherman's beard

​​​​​​​"If you've just lost something, you can't think where to look,
Please take my advice now and finish this book.
When you've misplaced some items and they've just disappeared,
The thing you need next is a fisherman's beard.

If you screw up your eyes and look hard enough,
Past all the split ends and the soap scum and fluff,
Hiding amongst the old gravy and crumbs,
The bits of old seafood and the dribbles of rum,

You will find a strange place where all oddments collect,
From the really bizarre to the things you'd expect.
You will find lots of things both amazing and weird,
If you look a bit closer at a fisherman’s beard......"
This is one of Andrew's current projects and Below is a selection of crazy things from the book
A six seater tandem for two trios of llamas
Three angry grapes and a frog in pajamas
A Fish rowing a boat across the top of a cake
A dinosaur bouncing on a red pogo stick
A tap dancing squid
An elephant in a bottle
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